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Should black people, and natives in the American Continent renounce Jesus?

Black Africans were enslaved because they could not match Europe's military might. They were forced to believe in Jesus.

Natives from North to South were massacred, their race was enslaved, their civilizations destroyed and forced to adopt new cultures and the Christian religion.

What do you think? I am not going to choose a best answer. I'll let you vote on it.


I never said they should be forced to renounce Jesus. They would do that if they want to. My point is why should they believe in Jesus today if they were forced into believing in Jesus.

Update 2:

Sure, they were NOT forced into believing in Jesus. They were also not forced to move from Africa to America, become a slave, work in plantations like they were not human, speak new languages, adopt new cultures, etc.

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    If they want to they can. Some of them are happy being Christians. Some have melded the old ways with Christianity. And others have outright left Christianity for the old ways. Its about what speaks to your soul, not which eternity sounds the best.

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    Your wrong. Europeans who left Great Britian wanted to escape that kind of rule and the reason why America is ran the way its ran in freedom of religion. Europeans at that time did not have a great grasp of religion. They did not force the natives and the africans to learn, they just adapt and slowly took it as their own.

    Besides, I'm not one those Africans, I'm an ancestor of them and I choose to believe what I want. I can hardly indentify myself as an African that strongly believes in that because I've been born in America. If anything, should either race in America renounce Jesus, that should be the question. I don't have a religion and I'm not sure if there is a God. But I know if I continue to live my life in a good and successful way, I know I'd be okay.

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    I have black and Native American (Choctaw) in me. I think they both had it bad. BUT the Choctaw indians had African slaves and when they were free, they wouldn't allow them citizenship. They treated them bad. ...How can people go back to THEIR country if they've never been there? America IS our country. AND you forgot to say white people. If they get pissed off they can go back to Europe. And the Native Americans choose to live on their reservation with THEIR OWN LAWS. So what can we do to help them??? And I hope you know that the NAACP is for people of ALL COLOR. Not just black people. And Jesse Jackson and Rev Wright are just two people. They don't represent us. What is the point of this anyways??? Are we having a "Who got it worse," Contest that I don't know about? Well maybe you should have included the Jews. Even the Irish at one point. Its not a competition!

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    True Christianity is not something that can be forced on anyone. this is the ame for any religion. to become someones true faith, they must truely make their own mind up about it. because i am not frm the states, i don't know much about what happened with the slaves, but what you have describes makes me wonder if the people who enslaved them could call themselves Christians in the first place.

    there is no place for biggotory, murder or racism in the Christian faith, so if these people who were calling themselves Christians were taking part in these practices, they can have forced true Christianity on to anyone.

    i believe this is shown now days with how much more spiritual and stronger in their faith the black people of America are. When they were slaves, their Faith was real. it had to be. while the white mans faith was superficial and only there so they could look down on the slaves (for the most part)..

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    I understand what you are saying but if you read further through history a lot of cultures where forced into Christianity. (Celtics, Britons, Vikings, Germans, Russians, and the list would go on.) A lot of cultures where bullied, killed, and destroyed all in the name of the christian god. This is the power and the might and the message of their god and the old way was of their ancestors where unsophisticated, ignorant, heretic, and they where worshipping false god and gods because they did not know any better. God's soldiers called them home to him (using torture, beatings, murder, and threats) and it doesn't matter how they did it , god's love was found and that is all that matters. People do not like to hear bout a past that led to a failure only a past that led to some wins.

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    Even if what you say is true, why wouldn't you think that Black people, Native Americans and any other people that were led to Jesus, by whatever means wouldn't be grateful for this?

    Being led to Jesus is a wonderful blessing, and when you read the Bible you will see that God has used lots of bad things to fulfill His will.

    God Bless You

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    Many of the native populations you are referring to already had a faith system within their culture that was of God.

    Their language of it and application was regarded as something incorrect by the busy body missionaries of the time period; who meant well but did not make an effort to learn the culture before they destroyed it.

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    You are asking a strange question, on the one hand you say that people were forced to adopt a certain set of beliefs and then ask if they should be forced to dump those beliefs.

    Each is accountable for their own lives.

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    I'm black and I wasn't forced to choose. I made that choice on my own. I would never renounce God.

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    Thats history. Every black / native american can make their own mind up now.

    Thats why the constitution enshrines freedom of speech and religion.

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