Blood Group Mismatch?

If the father-to-be is B+ and the mother-to-be is O+ are there any chances of pregnancy complications for the mother or the baby, if yes then what are the possible solutions that I can expect from the gynacologist ?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    No, there is no potential for complications given this scenario. If you were RH-, then your husband being RH+ could have posed a problem as the baby may have been RH+. In that case, your doctor would give you a Rhogam shot at around 28 weeks of pregnancy, and then another after delivery.

    The main complication would have been not for the mother and first baby, but mainly for any subsequent babies. Without the Rhogam shot, your body would produce antibodies that would "attack" any future babies.

    I am glad that since both you and the father are RH+, that this is not a problem for you!

    Source(s): Common sense and research Personal experience and opinion Mom of two and one on the way!
  • 1 decade ago

    The only time its a problem is if th mother has a negative blood type and the father a positive blood type. If you are both positive then there isn't a problem. If the mother is negative and father positive then teh mother has to have a couple shots of rhogam during the pregnancy and within 72 hours if the baby is a positive blood type./

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    My dear friend there will be no complication and it doesn't matter. You would have a problem if it was a blood transfusion and even tho O+ is a universal donor. She will be able to give you blood but not you because you are a B+. but there will be no complication for your baby didn't worry everything is fine

  • 1 decade ago

    Only problems come in when there is a positive and negative blood type... different letters are fine! GL

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