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what rock types are found on the following planets?










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    Jovian Planets-Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Have no Rocks, nor Surfaces.

    Pluto's Structure is still Debated( Might be Ice based)

    Mercury, Venus and Mars sport Igneous Rocks, as Sedimentary needs Water, and Metamorphic I've heard does too(but I'm not Sure here)

    As for a Search on Geology

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    Scientists can estimate the presence of elements bu examining the light reflected by planets

    Every element has a lightwave signature

    However missions to the planet to aquire and examine

    samples are necessary to be exact

    The moon for instance is covered by dust light from rocks under the dust is not seen by us on earth. The amount of sunlight that penetrates the dust and makes it back out thru the dust is far to miniscule to be examined.

    Mercury is really one big rock its more like our moon than a planet

    Venus is thought to be alot like earth. However the atmosphere is so corrosive that even unmanned probes

    to the surface seems highly unlikely in the near to distant future.

    Jupiter is more like our sun (only no fusion reaction)

    Most of the planet is Hydrogen either atmosphere

    or the large ocean covering its surface. Any one who has ever

    taken high school chemistry or watch a space shuttle launch

    knows that LIQUID hydrogen is very cold. The atmosphere of mostly Hydrogen is not well suited for retaining heat as our atmosphere is.

    It is believed that under the sea of liquid hydrogen lies metals

    and other heavy elements

    the intense gravity and harsh conditions prohibits sending a probe to the surface

    anyone who says they know what is on a planet or moon that we have not sent a probe to analyze samples is just guessing

    Consider this even on earth geologists dont know whats in our soil until they take samples

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    Well there more rocks that you can shake a stick at on Earth. Some people devote their whole lives to them. They are called petrologists and mineralogists.

    Seeing as we have never been to any of the other planets, at least in a way that we could collect rocks, any ideas we have about rocks there are pure speculation or at best educated guesses (even on Mars).

    Some planets are gas planets (the outer ones) and probably don't have rocks to speak of anyway since they are surfaceless.

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