why does my boyfriend still talk to his ex's?

my boyfriend still talks to at least 4 of his ex's one he talks to everyday they call each other all day like 10 times a day they call each other most of the convo's are less than 30 secs then some are 30 min plus his bestfriend is a girl and she just moved back to town. should i be worried about all these bi$%@es


i've talked to the best friend and i've talked to the main ex on myspace but when i talked to the ex he got so mad i have her number i havent called yet but i will i know they not having sex he is like one of the gurls i will admit that but i just dont want him and his ex's to catch old feelings i mean she slept wit his bestfriend why would he still want to talk to her

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    It really depends. With the female friend, no i wouldn't be too worried. Only because there's a reason why they've only been friends and nothing more. With the ex's, maybe you can tell him that its upsetting you that he's constantly talking to them but if he's not with you at the time that they talk, then it shouldn't be problem. Its only a problem if he's constantly sitting there chatting with them with you right now. He should tell them that he's got a gf and they shouldn't be talking as much. But all in all, i wouldn't be worried. Just remember, he's with you, not them. And guys have female friends, just how we have male friends.

    And I can see why he's mad that you got her number.

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    I believe he should have no reason to still associate with his ex, if it upsets you. He should realize that it upsets you and stop doing what hurts you, or else he has no respect for you. I m sure he would feel the same if the tables were turned. I feel like the girl he is with should be more than enough especially if he says he loves you.. So why do you need your ex?.. He should be able to tell the one he s with what s bothering him. Most guys turn to their ex for a few reasons, either for a back-up plan, free booty call, or he still has feelings for her... That s my opinion.

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    I sure as hell would be!!!! It's ok for them to have girl...friends, but you better be introduced to her and he should be wanting you 2 to become friends. How is he with you talking to your ex's? If he's cool with it, then you should be too but once again, he should want you to be a part of that friendship. YOU should be the one he talks to the most and YOU should always come first. It also depends on what kind of relationship you have. He shouldn't be talking to her that many times in a day. Make sure he respects you and is honest with you. If you don't trust him, get out!!!

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    I had a boyfriend who could wait untill we've been happening long drives to commence speaking approximately ex-girlfriends. sooner or later I merely grow to be so drained I wasnt listening and thats while he asked me " Are you listening to me?" and that i suggested, " Oh, no, not likely..." and the completed ex-female buddy chatter stopped. i think of he grow to be doing it to make me jealous or something...I merely tuned him out while he could get like that. If the ex-female buddy grow to be so super, then why are you not collectively is my greatest comeback for what I call " time trip" syndrome. stable success hun.-Rachel.

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    I truly wish all you young ladies would wake up. If any of your boyfriends are still talking to ex's they are either still bedding them or trying to.

    And if your BFs cheat they will always cheat, quit feeling bad about their inappropriate behavior real men who love you and are monogomous do not do such things.

    If for no other reason than they love you and don't want to hurt you.

    Now go break up with him and find someone who will treat you right.

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    You should trust your boyfriend, so no, don't worry about the biyatches if you're going to stay with him. BUT if you're the type who doesn't like sharing her man's attention with other females, I suggest you find a new guy. There are guys who won't give their attention to other females and they would expect you to treat them in kind.

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    ok what you need to do is relax.It is cool that he made friends with them because they could tell his guy friends about some of his secrets and that would not be good.also what you should do is become friends with them so you can keep an eye on them.ok well i hoped i help.plz choose me for best answer and ya, bye.

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    just because they are ex's doesn't mean they can't be friends, one of my best friends is a ex. Sometimes they will tell you things straightforward instead of sugar coating it.

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    Not the bitches, but his desire to keep them around in case free sex pops up.

  • 1 decade ago

    um yes

    but you should be worried about ur so called bf

    not the "bi$%@es"

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