I have an aftermarket MP3 Player in my car, I have 130 songs on a CD-R, it's only 700 MB's and it's not.......

....enough to fit more songs, I heard that it will still work on a 4.7 GB DVD-R, how do I put the songs on there, what songs do I use? for CD-R, I just drag the mp3 files and click on write these files to cd, but, do I do the same for DVD?

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    The answer to your question is based on several things:

    1) MP3 Player could read a DVD R or R/W disk. Why I bring it up is that some MP3 could read DVD+RW and not DVD-RW (It is possible that it could read both and you do not need to worry about or neither because it can't distinguish a DVD from a CD)

    2) If you get a DVD R that is dual layer, your MP3 has to be able to read that accordingly as well (which is not always the case) This determines your DVD capacity

    3) DVD Creator software has to be utilized (which determine what DVD R you could create)

    Why I bring these up?

    1) DVD R/W software will acknowledge if it is a DVD and not a CD. So dragging files into the blank media will work but only with the capacity of the CD media (and not necessarily DVD capacity)

    2) With the music industry trying to combat piracy, the DVD R/W software are making harder for you to burn MP3 files (let alone movies and hence #1)

    3) Not all DVD software are created the same

    4) Make sure DVD R/W is what it is and not just a plain ole CD R/W (you would see a DVD R/W signature logo on your RW hardware)

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    yes you can do the same with dvd-r but are you sure that your mp3 player is dvd compatible.

    On a cdr you should be able to fit 8-10 albums. Try burning a data disk in nero and just drag the mp3 files in as normal data. they will still play in your cd player and you should fit more on.

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