( FOR GUYS ONLY) what makeup looks do you like on a young teen girl?

i'm a young teen and i'm really girly. i wanna know what makeup looks guys like best on girls. i already have a basic natural makeup routine but i'm going on a date with this guy i like and i wanna know what looks are the best!

~ kendall xoxoxoxoxoxoxoooxoxxooxoxx

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    I prefer a natural look, pretty girls don't need a lot of make up, if your skin is on the lighter side then a nice blush on the cheeks to give you that rosy look would be nice. Then I'd probably like some eyeliner and whatever that is that makes your eyelashes curl upward to bring your eyes. Nothing attracts me more to a face then sexy eyes. I hope I helped. Good luck on your date.

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    Some guys like colors that may bring out natural beauty. Others like makeup that may really be bold. If a guy is more of a relaxed style, he will more or less like the forst one. If he is a really bold person and likes to be noticed, he most likely go for the second one.

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    When you're young your skin is naturally supple. When women really cake it on it makes their face look like a plastic surgery disaster took place, or a gently smuged mud pack is smiling at you.

    Just a very light touch to the eyes and lips is all that most girls need.

  • a
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    well you seem like more of a preppy happy person, so some eyeliner (just a little) some eyeshadow in a shade that goes with the rest of you (hair skin tone) enough to notice your actaully wearing it, but not so much your a porcealin doll

    personally i like alot of eyeliner and blue or red eyeshadow, but thats just me , stick pretty basic, but still look good, as for lipgloss, something kind of natural, even a little bit pink

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  • 1 decade ago

    Avoid too much. Particularly on the eyes and chin line. Nothing looks more trailer trash than heavy eye makeup or a line between the neck and chin line.

    Go easy.

  • 1 decade ago

    Light make-up! Go easy on the foundation, look natural. Nothing is worse than a girl who cakes on make-up. Makes her look cheap and you're young enough that you don't have to do that to look pretty. Save it for when you're much older!

  • whynot
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    1 decade ago

    keep the natural makeup its the best and if he already saw u like that dont give him a bigg suprise cuz it may be the last date with him

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    NOT TOO MUCH. Lots of time young girls go overboard. If makeup is done correctly, it won't even really be noticed, just will accentuate.

  • 4 years ago

    not every woman/girl does that, I do but not everyday. My boyfriend says im beautiful with it & im even more beautiful w/ out it. you don't have to put make up on all the time, most guys think that women look good w/ out it!

  • 1 decade ago

    I know you said ( FOR GUYS ONLY) but I'd lov to give ye n advise :

    Put a light color like pink or something n dont put so much cuz the much you put the much ul look older .

    Good luck on ur date!

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