Doe's my cousin care about me?

my cousin treats me like crap when ever i have a problem with someone and ask her for addvice she won't give me addvice she'll say i don't think nobody cares about u. But when it's her she always ask me and i tell her and when ever i have a problem with someone she'll be there friends when before she would never talk to them. Like this guy has been bothering me for years and he's her friend and i tell her and she change's the subject she acts like there family but not us and when her friends talk to me she says there using u to get closer to me. She's only nice to me when she's locked up and wants me to write her or wants something. And when ever someone wants to hurt me and i tell her to help she'll say im not in it. She stills my stuff. I asked her what should i do that guy keeps bothering me she didn't write back. But when ever her friends are in trouble she fights for them. She never calls me on my birthdays only when she's locked up. she's only nice sometimes when she ain't up

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    I really think it's time to just sit down and have a heart to heart with your cousin. Explain how the way she's acting makes you feel. Be specific, calm, and honest. She needs to know. It's obvious she's hurting you a lot and you really want to know if she still cares or not. See her views on this and then, if she still fails to see what she's doing, just forget about her.

    You don't deserve this kind of treatment from your own family member.

  • 1 decade ago you like getting hurt? okay then...leave her in her own misery..and pray for the poor soul..end of story

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