Any tips on writing poetry?

I recently gotten quite interested in poetry. Can anybody give me any tips on how to construct a good poem? Thank you and have a nice day.

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    I'd recommend reading a lot of poetry. At the same time, I'd recommend a couple of books about writing poetry, like The Poet's Companion by Laux and Addonizio, and How to Write Poetry by Ted Hughes. After that, you may want to read some criticism on poetry so that it really drives home what the difference between good poetry and bad poetry is: Pope, Jarrall, the usual suspects.

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    Writing poetry has always been about emotion; thrilling, bitterness and even humorous. Although it sounds simple enough, it isn't always. Poetry can be as complicated or as frivolous possible, it's all up to the author.

    Poetry is food for thought and all food has its ingredients.

    Show all senses. A genuine poem offers its readers a variety of senses to endure while reading.

    1.Smell. Give the readers a mental smell of the scene. Create a situation where the reader can distinguish between a 'good' or 'bad' scent.

    2. Touch. Is it rough, smooth, pleasurable? Give the reader a way to 'touch' the scenery.

    3. Sight. What does it look like? Describe the scenery, describe the situation. Use words which will describe it easily without going too far into detail.

    4. Hearing. Does it screech? Does it yelp? Or is it smoothing and sensual? Again, let the situation give a sense of what the surroundings sound like.

    5. Taste. Is it salty or bitter? It doesn't always have to be food that has a taste. It could be a situation which leaves a 'bad taste in your mouth' or even a good taste.

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    read a lot of different voices and try to hear the music in them. Then hear your own voice.

    The biggest mistake I see is that the thrust or thought that's being communicated hasn't yet jelled in the writer's mind. When it does, the flow becomes crisp and the idea as sharp as an arrow.

    For me at least, poetry is a way of expressing those things that don't immediately lend themselves to being communicated by other means. It's more of a taste or aroma than a concrete idea. I hope this makes sense!!!!

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    Read a lot of poetry. Read a lot of different kinds of poetry. Write, write, write. But be able to recognize garbage and throw it away.

    And stay off this web page asking for advice -- become your own person. Develop your own voice.

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  • 4 years ago

    i think of you purely might desire to supply it a while. do not rush it. Poetry comes from the coronary heart and is meant to coach what your feeling. The poem which you wrote grow to be a poem. there is not any incorrect thank you to place it. i won't be able to relate to it inspite of the undeniable fact that it would desire to touch somebody else. save up the writing. it is going to come extra convenient and extra convenient.

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    you dont have to read a lot of poetry to write it really.

    maybe if your trying to to a specific kind (haiku or something)

    but otherwise you just write what you feel.

    thats what its all about anyway

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    Play with words, and they don't have to rhyme. Look at Getrude Stein for an example.

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