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sore tooth?

i have a sore tooth ,and gum but ive been told there is nothing wrong with my tooth,and that it might be my sinuses.the pain goes right up my will they know if it is sinus,is there a test?

and if it is my sinus,what treatment can i get?

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    use advil that is all i half to say.. good luck

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    This may sound like a dumb question but is it an upper tooth? A back tooth? If so it may be a sinus problem. If the tooth is also sensitive to hot or cold or sweets it is probably NOT your sinuses. You may also have a slightly uneven bite and may be hitting that tooth first when you close your teeth together. That can cause soreness too. Basically you need a good exam and an x-ray to rule out all possibilities.

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    go to a doctor to get properly diagnosed with sinusitis or w/e and you will more than likely get anti biotics for it. in the mean time hold a piece of cotton wool soaked in clove oil on to the sore tooth and gum.

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