what does this spanish mean in english?

ven, vamos hablar. vamos hablar hoy, de verdad.

desnudemos el alma, definamos nuestro amor.

pues a pesar de ser muy mio, te siento ajeno.

dime, por que te sientes asi.

si no creo que yo he cambiado.

vengo a decirte que te quiero

es mas que tardaste en decirlo.

bien sabe mi corazon que no me amas.

pero por que dices eso, si siempre estoy contigo...

y aun asi me siento sola

pero nada te a faltado, no tengas miedo.

lo que no tengo es amor

pero yo te quiero...

en el amor no existen peros

cuando se ama de verdad, el corazon no siente miedo.

se entrega todo con pasion.

son cosas del corazon, sorpresas del destino.

hay historias de amor que no tienen final.

habia todo entre tu y yo

pero nos faltaba algo, ay, pasion.

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    Come here, let's talk. Let's talk today, seriously.

    Let's undress our soul, let's define our love.

    Because even being so mine, I can feel you far away.

    Tell me, why do you feel like that.

    If I don't think I've changed.

    I come to tell you I love you

    it's longer than you took saying it to me.

    My heart knows very well you don't love me.

    But why do you say so, if I'm always with you...

    and even though I feel alone.

    But nothing lacked, don't be afraid.

    What I don't have is love

    but I love you...

    In love, "but"'s don't exist.

    When you love truly, heart is not afraid.

    it devotes with all its passion.

    It's heart affairs, destiny's surprises.

    there are love stories that have no end.

    We had everthing

    but something was lacking, sigh, passion.

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    Come let's talk, today we will speak the truth.

    We will bare our souls and define our love.

    Even though you are very much mine, I feel that you are a stranger.

    Tell me why you feel this way.

    I don't feel that I have changed.

    I have come to tell you that I love you.

    It is better to tell you late than never

    But my heart knows that you don't love me

    Why do you say this, if I am always with you

    Yet I still feel very lonely

    You have everything, don't be afraid.

    What I don't have is love

    But I love you

    There is no doubt when there is true love

    When love is real, the heart is not afraid

    You give your heart with passion.

    Experiences of the heart , surprises of destiny

    There are love stories without an ending

    We had everything, you and I

    Yet something was missing.....oh, passion

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    Come, let's talk, let's talk today, for real

    let's bare our souls, let's define our love

    since even if you're mine, I feel you're someone else's

    Tell me, why do you feel like this

    I don't believe I've changed

    I come to tell you that I love you

    You took long in saying it

    my heart well knows that you don't love me

    But why do you say that, if I'm always with you

    And even then I feel alone

    But you lack nothing, don't be scared

    What I don't have is love

    But I love you

    "buts' don't exist in love (there's no buts in love)

    when you truly love, the heart doesn't feel fear

    you give everything with passion

    It's things from the heart, destiny's surprises

    there's love stories that have no end

    There was everything between you and me

    but we were missing something, passion

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