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what do you think of veggie-terians??

ok, im bored and just decided to posta question, here it is. whats your thoughts of vegetarians? (im one My myself




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    I have no problem with whatever people want to eat as long as they respect what I can and do eat. I have one friend who must have a gluten-free, sugar-free diet and I have found it's not all that difficult to accomodate her needs whether we cook in or eat out. I wish everyone would behave the same way. Eating, above many other things in life, must be tailored to each individual need.

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    I have no problem with vegetarians.

    The ones that I associate with are open minded people who don't care what a person eats and I like to trade recipies with them.

    I am not vegetarian but I do eat predominantly 80 - 85% vegetation in my diet as most of us only need about 15 to 20% protein in one's diet and where ever you get protein from is your buisness as my sources even include insects which pretty well turns everyone's head, vegetarian or otherwise, when I proclamate that statement.

    Some of the best dishes I have served to my friends have been vegetarian dishes which I have also adapted from time to time to include a small amount of meat / animal products.

    I find vegetarians to be some of the most liberal thinkers around. Like any social group, there are close-minded people and I just ignore them........they eventually go away.

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    Well, vegetarians save 90 animals every year by refusing to eat meat. They are less liable to get things like mad cow disease. They help the environment by not buying beef from ranchers who cut down the Amazon. (Some) are helping the ocean by not eating fish. They tend to have higher IQs (just kidding ;-) . But seriously, I'm a vegetarian and I have an IQ of 127.

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    I used to be a "vegan", but over times my beliefs changed. I now eat meat daily. I don't have a problem with people who don't eat meat or other animal products, so long as they don't give me crud about it. While it may be "nicer" not to eat animals, I also think it's not nice to eat plants, but for the most part, people do need to eat. I can't value the soul of an animal over the soul of a plant's, in all honesty.

    However, I do think that a good deal of "veggies" tend to be obnoxious, with their "holier-than-thou" attitudes and such. We never would have evolved to the point that we did if we hadn't begun eating meat. When we only ate veggies we had to eat all day, when we ate meat, we quickly gathered enough calories to feel satisfied and stop and... think.

    We meat eaters do need to be especially cautious, though. Meat is just as tainted as plants these days.

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    I like them. I am one. I am sooo glad I dont eat meat anymore. I just read somewhere that veggies have a higher IQ and live longer than meat eaters. Isnt that cool?

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    Vegetarians are RAD , Sexy , Hot , Smart and super duper awsome!

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    i <3 vegetarians! Why? Because I am one! :-) We Rock!

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    Myself and my young daughter are veggies-we love it!

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    i respect their decision-- i love meat so much i could never stop eating it even though i know it's best not to. i try not to eat very much but i could never cut it from my diet compltely.

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    i like 'em. trying to better their lives and animal's, that's always cool.


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