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What is the meaning of life?

what would you say the meaning of life is in your own opinion.

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    The meaning of life is different for each person. It is something that each person must decide for him/herself.

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    To enjoy all that God has given us (our children, our families, food, nature and all it's wonders, laughter.....) and to show our appreciation by giving joy and happiness to others as best we can. The bad times are just a test of our faith and judgment. Too many people are so wlling to throw their lives away....that was me once too....but after having my daughter, I've learned a whole new appreciation for life and for all that God has given me. I don't want to throw my life away anymore, for my daughter's sake, and for the hope I have in my heart that God's rooting me on to succeed. I don't want to give up and ultimately fail in life. Life's a struggle every day, and when we begin to realize that we can't do it all on our own, without God's help and the help of others, the struggles of life won't seem so impossible to face anymore.

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    The meaning of life is to lose sight of yourself and to focus on doing God's will and helping others

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    Enjoy life to the fullest and do your part to make the world a better place for mankind.

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    The meaning of life is to spread God's word and plant seeds in people about God. And to have a personal but not private relationship with Jesus Christ.

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    i could give a long winded answer but i dont think it is needed...

    Basically.. i think the meaning of life is consists of five things..

    *you are born

    *you are happy

    *you are sad

    *you reproduce

    *you die

    I think that these things are in virtually everyone's life and i believe that this is the simple truth of why we are here...


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    To secure the continuation and domination of our species.

    The only point we have is to make money so that our offspring can live properly.

    Sad but true

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    1 decade ago

    We are the children of God the Father who is in heaven, as children do, we got bored with the nothingness of heaven, so our Father created us a playground, (the universe). We could look but could not interact with the things in the playground.

    Therefore, God created us physical bodies. In the beginning God created us as spirits, then He made those spirit (male and female) He did not make them man and woman, but male and female (dinosaurs) But Lucifer refused to be made male of female, because he would lose His power and knowledge. Lucifer rebelled and destroyed the world with water. God then created the 2nd Age, man and woman all at the same time but because of the time it took to complete the 1st Age, God the recreated a place for his new people, in the land of Nod, This was the age of Job. Lucifer destroyed ths world again, God sent His angels to fight Lucifer, and bound him. Then God the Father elevated one of his angels to LORD God and broke off communications with him and the spirits. LORD God made so Lucifer could not regain (steal) power and knowledge by using the Word of God to create,

    We are hear, to given names to all that God created and to eat, drink, love and build to gain to build our imagination where we would never be bored, to be able to interact with the things God created and Jesus Made including ourselves.

    Source(s): Word of God
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    1. To know Him.

    2. To make Him known.

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    Fulfillment of one's creative and spiritual energy and all of their potentialities. And do so without any societal "prompts" or social-environment inducements.

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