Phone problems? with the internet..Help?

OK so I have this kyocera phone and its awesum and all but a few times I'll be on the internet and it logs off by itself and I try to reconnect or do anything but it says featureis not available while making a call..Idk what to do..I cant even turn it off!! anyhelp?? PLZ


When I say the internet..Im not connecting to my computer..I'm just using mobile web straight from my phone..

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    The phone interrupts the internet because bandwidth is most likely the culprit.

    Here is an example: if your phone (wireless has a bandwidtt

    of 2.4 ghz and your DSL runs that same amount of ghz or higher - then the wireless systems of both your phone and your DSL are competing for the same bandwidth.

    Suggestion: try answering the phone in a room horizontal(side to side) to the room your computer is in when

    you are logged on.

    Suggestion 2: Trying moving the phones base to another room horizontal of the computer or move the computer horizontal from the room the phone base is in currently.

    Suggestion 3: Get EtherNet or CAT5 cables purchased at

    any department store.

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