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whats the differance between thay, they, thy and when is it proper to use them and why?

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    thay- i dont think thats even a word..

    they- all of them, a group or number of people, those people

    thy- a more religious term for describing something oneself would do

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    It is proper to use "they" when referring to more than one person not including yourself. Use "Thay" when you are talking about a fictional country in Faerun. Use "thy" when you are feeling archaic.

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    Thay is unrelated to they and thy, thine and thou. Choose thine words wisely, as they say, a jug of wine and thou, thy will be done.

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    Obsolete 2nd person singular pronouns, since replaced by the plural form, you.

    Subject: Thou

    Object: Thee

    Possessive pronoun: Thine

    Possessive adjective: Thy

    Reflexive pronoun: thyself


    Thou must spirit thyself away! Should my husband see thee, there will be trouble between ours and thine.

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    "Thay" isn't a word, "they" is third person plural (as opposed to he/she which is third person singular) and "thy" is olde englyshe (or biblical english) for "your".

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