dream about my family what does it mean?

I had a dream that my in-laws and my husband were all sitting around telling me I talk too much and it uspet me so bad that I almost started crying, but I held it back but I just kept feeling I wanted to run away from them!! I felt I didnt want them to see me cry in my dream because they were all just sitting around laughing at me and criticizing me it was like i could see and hear and feel what they really think of me in real waking life, because they have told me before that I talk too much and lately they have just acted like they dont much care for me or my kids anymore since my hubby's brother passed away a cpl months ago. I just want to know if someone can crack this open for me and help figure out what it might mean or represent?

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    You see in your dream what you probably see in real life...not only a change in your in-laws and husband, but their attitude towards you...the death of his brother may have heightened those attitudes.

    My guess is that your mind is trying to tell you that there is a serious problem here and that you need to be aware of it...if your husband is allowing his family to be critical of you, chances are he is allowing them to "say" what he is already thinking...and subconsciously your mind knows that...and if he is openly critical of you as well...then your brain is trying to get you to wake up to the fact that you may need to make some decisions soon, before they are made for you...

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    You have some low self esteem issue.

    Projecting yourself being criticized about you talked too much. That is the symbol of reminding yourself that you are not accepted in some way. Subconsciously you are feeling back, and so yo dream about it. Whether you did talk too much in reality, in dream you were trying to give you a signal that in some sense you don't feel welcome. This reflects your low confidence and you are feeling low in self esteem.

    Basically, your dream reflects how you feel among your family.

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