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What breed is the poodle?

For example, the American Eskimo and Chow Chow are part of the SPITZ breed. What breed is the poodle? Is it its OWN breed or what?

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    I think the term you are looking for is 'family' or 'group'. Standard and miniature poodles are classified in the non-sporting group and toys are in the toy group in accordance with the AKC. Different nations and clubs might have them in other groups, as they were originally bred for water retrievers.

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  • I think you mean that Eskies and Chows are "Spitz-type" dogs. Eskies and Chows are specific breeds in and of themselves, but they are both "Spitz-type" breeds.

    Not sure what sort of "type" the Poodle would fall under, or who would be in there with them (Portuguese Water Dog, maybe).

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    "Spitz" is not the breed.. American Eskimo is a BREED, Poodle is a BREED, "Spitz" is a phenotype of a group of breeds that share similar observable traits.

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    standard poodles are water retreivers. That's what they were designed and bred for. Minis and toys were bred down in size from that, but they're still essentially water retreivers. They originated in germany...(i know everyone thinks it was france, but the germans gave them to the french), and the name poodle comes from "pudler"...puddler...water splasher. Even the fancy haircute (check em out!) were designed to keep the parts of the dog that need warmth protected while the dow swims without limiting it's ability TO swim.

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    the poodle is a non-sporting dog and a toy poodle i know is in the toy group other poodles like the miniature poodle that is also non-sporting, and the standard poodle i don't know what particular breed they are. hope i have helped.

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    It in the Non-Sporting group.

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