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Does this show a fair difference of conservative and liberal?

I have to admit that I've only watched the show a couple of times, but I remember thinking it showed the difference between the two. Paris and Nicole in the "Simple Life". Isn't it two liberals being dropped into a conservative household?

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    That show is garbage. If I see it on tv, I instantly change the channel.

  • jehen
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    Um. Liberal does not come to mind with Paris and Nicole. But with the questions I see on this forum over and over, it is clear that to most "conservatives" here, being a cartoonish, vapid, spoiled, empty headed celebrity is the same as being a liberal. (as opposed to labeling based on actual political views.)

    If you are looking for a show that actually did explore the difference between liberal and conservative as a theme, check out 'Family Ties' from the 1980's. It was smart, funny, and the liberals and conservatives in that show did not hate one another, call each other names, or disrespect each others views.

  • Wyco
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    Actually I would think that Paris comes from a Conservative Family. She doesn't seem to mind working, and although she's a spoiled dumb$hit, she never backs down from a challenge. I don't ever see any Liberal attitude from her. She's just from Money and she's young so she's gonna seem like a Liberal... Just wait til' she gets older and see if she changes.

  • wolf
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    Conservatives work & pay taxes.

    Liberals live off those taxes.

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  • Anonymous
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    I doubt those two vote.

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