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I think that I want to start taking violin classes. Should I and where should I go in the Bay Area of SF?

I'm going to UC-Berkeley in the fall so I could take classes around Berkeley or I could take classes around the San Jose area up all the way to San Francisco if I had to. I just think it would be great to pick up the violin and play.


I've never taken lessons before by the way but I have played the trumpet for 3 years in the past so I can jog my memory on how to read sheet music.

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    Except for little kids in Suzuki group lessons, violin is usually taught in private lessons.

    You can go through UCB and study with one of the graduate student TA's in the music department; you would probably save money in the long run, for lessons, and would get a very good teacher. Alternatively, you could find a private teacher in that area and pay them monthly.

    There are a few in that area on the Teachers Directory:

    And also see:

    How to locate teachers and violin shops

    Good luck!

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    i will permit you be attentive to SF city college has some stable ones yet i will supply this little piece of advice for what this is properly worth. as quickly as you be attentive to the thank you to function the digicam and have a imaginative and prescient of what you pick, merely get some kit and test. hundreds of photographers conflict via those training and that all of them finally end up run of the mill. anybody utilizing the comparable poses, lighting fixtures concepts, etc. think of initially. have confidence your imaginative and prescient. Use flashlights and arch lamps for lighting fixtures in case you attentive to what i'm getting at? until eventually you ought to open studio and take photos for snotty confronted young little ones graduations and birthdays.....

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    one of the few times i'll hand out a serious answer but hey I WENT TO CAL! Right on buddy..glad to hear from a fellow bear!

    you can take classes at Berkeley school of jazz.

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