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my dog had puppies and has done weaned them she full of milk what can i do for her?

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    Force her to lie and nurse. If she is swollen and red, she has not weaned them. Get the smallest puppy. Lie her down. Hold her down. Put the smallest puppy on the most swollen udder to drain it. When that puppy is full move on to the next smallest and keep moving from udder to udder. Your Mom will get an infection and mastitis if you wean the pups before her milk dries up. It will cost alot more to treat than if you just keep the pups for a little longer before you sell them.

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    leave her alone and let her dry up. If she seems real uncomfortable see a vet. Frankly if you handle her teats a lot you can stimulate milk production, so don't .

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    she'll dry up on her own or take her to the Vet for an injection to dry up

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