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to "debug" a program means to?

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    Go thru the program and fix the errors.

    Some errors cause the program to fail because they do not match the coding language. Those are syntax errors. These are the easiest to find and fix.

    Some errors allow the program to run but it does not work properly. These are logic errors and are a bit tougher to find and fix.

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    It's a programming term. A "bug" is a piece of code that does not work as intended to. To "DEbug" means to take those bugs out. To successfully debug a program, you remove all problems that would prevent the application from running successfully. If you're talking about debugging a program you bought, then just forget it... IF you know the language it was written in, then you'd have to spend months, maybe years, figureing out where the problem was. If you're writing your own programs, then you've probably already debugged a program before without even knowing it.

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    1:-Debugging is a methodical process of finding and reducing the number of bugs, or defects, in a computer program or a piece of electronic hardware thus making it behave as expected. Debugging tends to be harder when various subsystems are tightly coupled, as changes in one may cause bugs to emerge in another.

    2:-To find and remove errors (bugs) from a software program. Bugs occur in programs when a line of code or an instruction conflicts with other elements of the code.

    Basic steps

    Although each debugging experience is unique, certain general principles can be applied in debugging. This section particularly addresses debugging software, although many of these principles can also be applied to debugging hardware.

    The basic steps in debugging are:

    Recognize that a bug exists

    Isolate the source of the bug

    Identify the cause of the bug

    Determine a fix for the bug

    Apply the fix and test it

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    to manually go through the code of the program, the area that broke specifically and recode it, to debug you usually need a compiler program such as visual studio 2003 or netmercs codeweaver, then again it depends what language you are trying to debug, either way if your not a programmer you probably shouldn't worry about debuging a program,

    program crashes because there is a bug, windows asks you to debug it even if you don't have a compiler, (gg bill gates) and most of the human population on the planet don't get or won't get how to debug a program properly

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    Debugging was created by some programmer (can't remember the name), who had a moth get stuck in her machine (back in early programming days) and she had to remove the bug and "debugging" was born.

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    Debug - going through a program to fix stuff that doesn't work.

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    The procedure used to identify variance from the specified program operation is known as debugging.

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    Sometimes software will have errors and defects, commonly referred to as "bugs". So to debug would be to remove or reduce the number of these errors and defects so the program, software or hardware functions as it should.

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    Exactly what it says on the tin.

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    you have to repair it,it has something which doesnt fonction correctly

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