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Credit Score Interfering With Getting Central Air, who Can still finance us?

about 3 years ago we paid off many of our bills and our score should be better then 530, however I guess the credit bureau has better things to do then change peoples scores. Because you can't hardly tell we did a thing. Well we live in a large older home and window air conditiong is not working to keep us cool....We are a christian family and I want nothing more but to clean up my credit and get Central Air in the house. I think I could refinance I found a company that, but I don't want to add that much on to our home mortage. Is there a place to get about 6500.00 loan. Seperate from our home mortage? Prosper.com would be great but I have to have a better score then 530.......someone help!!!

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    I just read we are all getting fatter because we have too much air conditioning.

    Maybe it's a good thing not to have!

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    WIth that low of a score, you may be stuck taking the re-finance you were offered...

    You could try to go to the bank and ask about a home-equity installment loan or home-equity line of credit. This would not be refinancing your house, but it would be a separate loan secured by your house.

    Good luck!

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