Song lyrics, please comment...?

The Sun Shall Rise Again by Saint John

Pressed against your lips I remember

For tomorrow always seemed outstretched

"Die in arms tranquil" you once rested in me--

You shimmered alongside angels with such ease...

For I believed in something more than myself,

Forever never seemed long enough.

As you lied with your heart intwined with mine,

Questions answered why one would live...

For on days like these, it's easy to believe

That with you, I knew--

The sun shall rise again...

The streets once paved with ounces of gold

Each step we took, each promise told

Leading us closer to a destined light

Whispers bonded with all of our might--

We were one...

'Till a harsh wind blew of tears undue

I'd fight the wave of a life unpaved

To know the truth that pushes me away from you

Into a life of sin--

Please my darling, hear me when....I say

The sun shall rise again...

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    The message is more important after all.

    The optimism, the hope ...

    As about metrics, rhymes, etc - let them rest as ETC., just for someone, of course, if you want to publish it as a poem.

    I'm wondering about the melody ... It must be something as special as the lyrics!

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    yes, quite lyrical. . . .sentimental too!

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