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Contraceptives question?

My boyfriend and I would like to embark on a sexual relationship; however, I am hesitant in resorting to prescription contraceptives. I looked up over the counter tools such as the sponge and spermacide. Would it be a good idea if I used the spermacide jelly, a condom, and perhaps a sponge all at the same time? This will be my first time, I have never used tampons or anything like that (I'm a big baby) and am really terrified of getting pregnant. Also what tips might you have about getting relaxed before the actual insertion and also what are the chances of getting pregnant from pre-egaculate?

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    All three sound like over kill. I would do the condom and spermicide jelly. I never tried sponges or diaphragms cause I was afraid I couldn't get them out! Plus my best friend had a unpleasing experience with a diaphragm and had to go to a doctor to have it removed.

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    Pre-ejaculate can get you pregnant. For most it doesn't, but there are always those chances, not something I would want to try out on my own (after all, I was conceived through the "pull-out" method). Use the condom before any genital contact is made just to be sure. Most condoms can be purchased with spermicide already on them, but watch out, for some women spermicide causes yeast infections (in which case you would want to use condoms without spermicide on them).

    Sex is nothing like inserting tampons. Be relaxed, take your time, and don't be disappointed if your first time isn't all you thought it would be. It generally gets better as you go.

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    if its your first time i would suggest letting him know so he can take it easy. also, the condom with spermacide is a good choice, ive never had the sponge or jelly. to relax i would say just think of how good its going to be. haha. most pre-ejaculate is pretty much null and void. it doesn't have a high chance of getting you pregnant at all. if any gets around that area, i would suggest soap and water to clean it out. the soap helps kill the sperm still alive, if any.

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