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How to transfer music to an Ipod?

I'm getting an Ipod next week, but before I do so I wanted to do if I'm gonna be able to transfer my mp3s from my pc into the Ipod using Itunes? How does that work? Do I just drag the songs into the Library? Also how much do songs and movies cost on Itunes?

Thanks for the help!

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    import all your existing songs into itunes, plug your ipod and then click and drag. idk about the price. i usually get my songs/movies through alternative means.

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    You can just plug in your iPod and drag all the songs/movies you want onto it, and it will insantly transfer. Songs are $0.99, unless you get the unprotected iTunes Plus version, which cost $1.29. Short videos like TV shows cost $1.99 and movies vary in price depending on the length. Most movies are a little over $10.

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    Just drag all the music into iTunes then sync it. As far as movies go, you can download from wherever you want and just convert using Videora.

    The costs are pretty high on iTunes.....

    Songs are $0.99 a pop and movies are around $10.00 giver or take a few dollars.

    Very expensive!!! I use Limewire and Torrents, completely free.

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    songs are .99 each. mad expensive becuase it starts to add up. thats why you should use limewire or citrixwire and move THOSE song files onto a folder in your music folder. than you just import all your songs from your comp. onto itunes by going to file then add folder. than drag onto the ipod.

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