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What are the steps to a career in medicine?

Im currently in high school (10th grade) and i have absolutely no knowledge about college what so ever. I want to become a neurosugeon, but i don't know what i have to do to become one. I am not familiar with classes i have to take, requirements, and i don't know what the tests are and so forth.

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    A neurosurgeon will attend medical school. Before you can apply to medical school, you need a 4-year college degree. Every undergrad school will have it's own pre-med requirements and recommendations, but most people do something like a double-major in bio and chem. Then you need to pass the MCATs and apply to medical school, another 4 years of college. Then internship, residency, and so on - 8 years of college and many more of learning the field.

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    It's really great that you already know what you want to do at such a young age, but being a neurosurgeon is going to be a lot of work. The most important thing for you to do now is to just do well in school, get great SAT or ACT scores, and get involved with extra-curriculars. All of this will help you get into a great college, which will prepare you to go onto med school.

    During your last two years of college, you'll have to take the MCAT, and throughout your four years at med school and all of your residency, you'll have to take the board exams that every physician has to take.

    As far as classes, it definitely isn't something you should worry about now, unless you hate your bio class, in which case you may want to reconsider. In high school, try to take as many AP/honors classes as you can, and when you go to college, you'll have an adviser who will help you choose all of the right classes (which will help you prepare for the MCAT). They'll just be various higher-level bio and chem classes, exactly what you'd expect a pre-med student to be taking.

    Good luck!

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