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I am getting a miniature pinscher puppy, and have no clue what to name it!?

Please help! im not sure if i am getting a male or female, so names for either would be helpful... i already have some in mind... daisy, bella, minnie, avery, coco for females, and spike, tiny, winston, buddy, storm, buzz, scout and rocco for males... please give me any ideas or tell me what you think of the ones i have. thank you!

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    female: bella, rosie, emma, honor, legend, molly, beebee,lucy

    Male: cruizer, lucky, jack, cooper, rowdy, rebel, buddy

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    4 years ago

    beautiful doggy! i'm greater prepared on reds as that's what I even have curled up next to me ideal now, nevertheless. :) She's 2, nevertheless. Oooh. . . i'm uncertain the pizza might do it for me. good success in getting over it. basically wait till the beautiful doggy gets adjusted and starts making mentioned lass' life extremely exciting. Min pins have a tendency to be insane for the 1st 2 years and then pass to basically being sort of nutty from time to time after that.

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    I used to have a minpin (male) and we named him Twister. We named him that because when he ran he ran in a twisted manner, but in a straight line. LOL He soon learned to run without twisting around, but always twisted himself around before going poo. HA HA! I have always found it best to name my pets after I have them a little while, that way you can name them based on their personality. If you've never owned a minpin before, they are DIFFERENT than other dogs, and require more patience and time in training usually. They are very active and need to have lots of toys to keep them entertained. This is not a breed for everyone, but once they are trained they are wonderful, sweet, loyal, loving, precious pets. I'm jealous!

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    1 decade ago

    female and name it love they are very sweet

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    rico, spike, derek, quark for boys.

    i havent come up with girls names- sorry.

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