what does a car sound like when it's out of gas? my radio still turns on but the engine won't even turn over..

what do you think is wrong?

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    1 decade ago
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    What does your gas gauge show? If it shows empty, then it probably is. I think you have another problem though, either your battery is bad, or your alternator is failing to keep the battery charged, or your starter solenoid or starter motor is bad.

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    If it's out of gas, the engine will crank over normally, but it won't start. Trying to run the car out of gas is really bad for the fuel pump, so don't do it for more than a few seconds if you think you're out of gas.

    If the engine won't turn over, that's most likely a bad battery. Car batteries only last 3-7 years, so if your car is that old, you might need a new car battery.

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    if yourcars out of gas it wont make any sound but if it wont turn over put all your lights on then try the starter,if your lights go really dim you may need a new battery or the starter motor might be shorting,if these dont work get back to me as it gets more difficult if these tests fail.

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    If it won't turn over you have a battery/starter issue not a gas issue, take your battery over to your local auto parts store and have it tested before you do anything else

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  • 1 decade ago

    it will sound like a grinding noise. if your radio works while the car is not running, then it is likely not your battery.

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