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There is this guy that i think about at least a dozen times a day wondering what he is up to. the situation is complicated between us, because we both used to like each other. but we never went out or did anything about it.now its summer and i keep thinking abou thim. i try to do so many other things but when i have nothing to do for 5 mintues he comes up in my mind. i don't know what this means. or even what to do to make him leave my thoughts. he's a shy guy and i really don't know what to do.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Love is a emotion. Emotions are strong feelings that we give ourselves inorder to inspire action. Hence, your trying to drive yourself toward him. Its you, you see something in him that gets you feeling all kinds of other feelings, which is actual the phonemana of love, its a cascade of feelings. Ether way we love alot of things, doesn't make it right for us, doesn't make it wrong. You thou, need to realize that unless your ready for him, theirs no reason teasing yourself about it. But maybe this is a topic of indecision in your head and your driving yourself crazy not being sure which way to feel. Classical thing to happen, your fix thou is complicated and envovles alot of letting go of that pride, and testing that heart, ether way good luck with your endavors....,

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