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can any one explain the whole process of connecting a wii to Internet to me please?

can any one pleas tell me how i can connect my WII to the Internet please.

and please tell me what cables i need, what are they called, what do i do with them, how do i use them, how much do they cost ( I live in UK, so £ please ) and all the other steps to conect my WII to the internet and use the internet, download games and other stuff and do other things and etc.

so please explain EVERYTHING to me.

thanks in advance


and i have a brodband but i'm not sure about the speed of my connection to the internet.

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    Just a question, what type of internet service do you currently have (I know you have one since you just posted here).

    Typing up some stuff now.

    1) if you computer is close to where your wii would be then this 50$, 25£ device will work.

    2) Thats it. Simply follow what the reviewers below have said to set it up.

    3) After that you will need to go on the Wii, search for wireless networks, put in any passwords you want, and you should be good to go.

    If you want the complicated, more expensive, wireless router route, I can post a good one later.

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    ok, it's quite simple. the wii has the internet abilitis built into it. all you need is to hook a router into your computer and let it gain access to your internet. the wii can usually pick up the signal, so it should find the access pointif you choose wireless and it will work. as for wired, i don't know. but wireless makes it much easier.

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