Tight Hug, Does it really mean anything?

One afternoon, I dropped by my friends house to say goodbye (but its more like see you later),a nd I gave her my gifts..when I said I needed to go (home), we hugged each other... she gave me a really tight hug...and she clenched her fists while holding the back of my shirt...she didn't let go for what seemed like 3-4 seconds

At first I gave her a "friendly hug"..not too tight not too lose...when I felt her tight hug, I responded with a tight hug as well..

By the way this happened (hugging) after I confessed my feelings to her, she did turn me down, but we realized that we're both not prepared for a relationship with each other or with other people, so we decided to remain as friends...we're still friends today


I meant to say

"She didn't turn me down" not "she did turn me down"

down at the bottom...

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    1 decade ago
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    Perhaps, she just fell bad, that you told her what you felt, yet turned you down, it could mean that at the very end of her heart ,she feels the same for you just not sure if she wants you, more than friends, however she might not want for to ruin your guys, friendship it's something went wrong..

  • 1 decade ago

    omg that happened to me yesterday...

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