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Pitbull needs surgery?

I need help to find a place that will help me with my dog he ate something and needs surgery they wont do it because i dont have the money up front so please help if you know of a place.

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    Ask family, friends also ask the vet if they can help you with a payment plan. Good luck

  • Bambi
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    Call other vets. Most of them really care about animals and are not so unethical as to refuse treatment to your dog because you don't have money. If all else fails, make the appointment, bring the dog in, and then when it's time to pay, tell them you need to pay it out. Then they'll have done the surgery and you'll have a little more time to get the money.

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    Most places have a credit company they work with to arrange payments. Talk to the receptionist. I know when I just had my dog in the emergency room (they too want the money up front) they had all kinds of brochures on these credit companies. That or just charge it to a credit card and pay it off as quickly as possible.

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    Dont get me started on this subject.......Call around to any vet in your area, one should be able to work something out with some kind of a payment plan. You can also look on the internet for pet surgery assistance.

    Try anything because it means life or death.

    Source(s): Own experience....cat ingested poison, vet wouldnt examine her because I didnt have the money...she died in front of my eyes in my car while I was driving on the way back to the vet after I had gotten a loan from my mother. She was only 9 months old.
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    There is also a plan called Care Credit specifically for vet bills. It is like a credit card, but it doesn't start accuring interest until after 3 months.

    Ask around. Many vets carry it.

    Source(s): Registered Veterinary Technician.
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    Do a search on "In Memory of Magic". If they're still around, they might be able to help. If not, the only way to be kind to your dog, and possibly save his life is to ask a rescue or shelter to take him. I'm sorry. I know it would be terribly hard, but it might be his only chance.

    Source(s): Rescuer, vet tech, professional groomer and show exhibitor of Shetland sheepdogs for 20 years.
  • Intestinal blockages are an urgent matter; I nearly lost Hamish to one. Take your dog to another vet PRONTO and get in touch with:



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    Well I have gone to the bank before and took out a personal loan to cover the bill. Otherwise we can't really tell you where to go if we have no clue to where your located.

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