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Can aluminum siding be painted and what would be the best paint to use?

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    We used to live is a house with aluminum siding. We just painted it with regular exterior latex paint. That was 6 years ago, when we drive by the paint still looks great. If your siding has oxidized,ie powdery substance, I would wash the surface really well with a sprayer hose, and let it dry completely. It took use a couple of coats, you get real bad brush marks with metal. The finishing coat is beautiful!Good luck!

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    Wish all houses had aluminum, just power wash all the chalk off and mildew, use a product called "Jomax" if you still run your hand over the aluminum after you've power wash (and its dry) and you still get chalk add a quart of "EB" emulsa bond to your paint, DO NOT PRIME , only use high quality latex or 100% acrylic and apply 2 coats. Good luck Les the painter

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    Yes. You need to dull any shiny paint that is now on it and clean well. I would use a premium latex paint so it can expand and contract with the temperature changes. Paint the ends where the upright corner caps are when it is cool so the old color doesn't show when the siding is contracted.

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    yes it can be painted, youll probally want to on a good primer first to help the paint stick, paint has a had time sticking to aluminum, so primer is the way to go, your local hardware store should know the best one to use and which paint would be the best for you to use, hope this helps

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    their is a lot of things you can get to wash the siding with (first ). but the best thing to do is wash it first to get the chalk off of it .and then wash the house in vinager. then it all depends on what color you are going to cover up oil basepaint will go on good and last. but enamal will show no brush marks.

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    yes, and your best to use a air powered painting application

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