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Guys vs. Girls...?

Do guys find it easy or hard to let a girl go once they really like her??

For me (a girl) it's harder to let a guy I like go. But is it different for guys??

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    That depends on how much the guy loves the girl he is with. The stronger the love, the harder it is to let go. Some guys love their girls so much that they will do whatever it takes not to lose her. I cant really explain it any better than that, sorry.

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    i once had a girl she iloved her so much i dont cry often bt when she told me she wanted to leave it was hard iv gone out with many girls we left each other im mean she was hot but i didnt like her that much but this one girl left an inperssion on me it put me in a semi depression for a while its hard to let a girl i really do like go

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    its harder for more sensitive guys but easier for punks and drugies and guys who just dont care....

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