can anyonetell me waht happened on days today? anything worth watching over on soapnet?

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    Kate overhears Lucas saying that Sami is having an amniocentesis at the hospital. Lucas confesses to Billie that he doesn't want to claim E.J.'s child as his own. Chelsea tells Stephanie that she didn't feel anything after spending the night with Nick and thinks something is wrong with her. Kate goes to Nick and tries to get him to make sure that the test names E.J. as the father. Stephanie wants Chelsea to admit that she wants Jett Carver. Marlena offers to change the test results to make Lucas the father, but Sami tells her that she doesn't want to put Lucas through another lie. Sami is surprised when she learns from Dr. Jacobs that she is gonna have twins.

    I liked it, but it was more for the Sami, Lucas and E.J triangle that I am into it for!

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    yea sami is pregnant with twins, and Kate blackmales nick to change the paternaty test sami is taking to make EJ the father beyond a shadow of a doubt. BUT it doesn't confirm either way who the father realy is. And you missed a boring girlie conversation between stephanie and chelsie. Stephanie is a slut.

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    Sammi is pregnant with twins possibly one can be Lucas and one EJ

    Kate wants nick to change the DNA results to make sure they are EJ.

  • 1 decade ago

    sammi is pregnant with twins and ej is the father

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    sami pregnant...twins

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