Seller on Ebay got Paypal scam?

Okay i sold a laptop on ebay and the buyer sent me the money by papal and told me to ship international. I withdrawl the money also. Then i shipped the laptop. aweek later paypal total me the money was reversed after i already shipped out the item. Now i am in the negatives. I called paypal and they told me ****, saying im not protected and all this bullcrap. Can i like pay off my negatives with a credit card and call my credit card company to say my credit card was used unauthorized?

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    No. If you do that, the credit card company will say that as far as they're concerned, the charges are legit. You may be disputing the charges with PayPal, but that won't matter to the card issuer.

    You need to just fight with PayPal and leave your credit card out of it.

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    Nope - the credit company would be on your butt for the cash.

    2 things:

    1. Never ship international because you cannot chase the crooks down.

    2. Use a Credit Card for internet transactions because you can dispute transactions and are only liable for the first $50 in most cases.

    I suspect that you never actually 'recevied' the money in Paypal and that is why they are saying no-dice. If the money was actually In Your Hands, then they could not reverse the transaction. There is usually a grace period for funds from a bank account to actually transfer. During that grace period, the money has not yet been sent - it is pending. If the account was a bogus account or void of funds, then PayPal would never receive the funds to put in your account.

    I would always wait till I had the money in my hands before shipping - you can't trust anyone these days.

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    That's what sucks about paypal. If the buyer isn't verified and you don't ship it to their confirmed address the seller isn't protected under the protection policy. You just have to be careful next time and only sell to people in the United States. Also, I wouldn't do what you're thinking about doing because that is illegal too.

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    I think you'll have to take it as lesson learned.....

    My husband has ran into the same issue.

    He had to take the loss because Pay-Pal said they couldn't do anything since the other person had no money in there account to return to him.

    I can only give you advise he told me....

    Don't ship internationally.... (being international they know you can't come after them)

    And when someone pays you through Pay-Pal immediately remove the money from there... That way they can't take it back.

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  • 1 decade ago

    doing what you are talkin about is fraud on your part.

    The laptop you sold had to go for so much before it was covered by paypal.That is why I never deal with anyone overseas. did you insure the laptop through the shipper maybe they have something they can do for you.

    I would tell paypal you are getting an attorney and see if they change their minds also contact e-bay and tell them what is happening.

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    I would have waited for the money to clear your account. I have of people not using pay-pal for this reason. I'm not sure how one can reverse money on a transaction through pay-pal.

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    I would defnitely call your credit card company and let them know about the situation. Generally, they take credit scams quite seriously, and they'll get on the phone with paypal and take care of it.

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    EBay should protect you against this type of fraud if they will not your credit card should cover this and usually all you do is have to call your bank.

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    Sounds like fraud

    Consult a lawyer

    Contact ebay help

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    Same as your case! Use at your own risk, read and you'll know

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