What language is the Bleach DVD's?

I wanted to know since I'm just curious xD Is it English or Japanese? And if it is Japanese I would like to know if there is subtitles and if you choose if you want subtitles or not. If you answer this, thank you very much dudes and chicks who are answering this!!!

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    The American Viz Video releases have both English and Japanese soundtracks with optional English subtitles.

    There is also Japanese releases but they aren't anywhere near as good. The Japanese DVDs only have a Japanese soundtrack with subtitles in Chinese or English. The quality of the American versions are much better and even the box art is more fun to look at. Plus, you're technically getting more for your money.

  • McFate
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    1 decade ago

    The American release by Viz Video has both English and Japanese sountrack, with optional subtitles.


    The import version has Japanese only, with optional subtitles in either Chinese or English.


  • 1 decade ago

    you mean like the dvds you buy in the store like best buy then yea they are in english

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