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what a qucik way to potty train 8wk old puppy. what usualy the lenth of time to be complete potty train.?

she sleeps in a gated area with puppy pads behind her is that o.k.. I also am trying the crate traning sometimes but barks wanting to get out all the time. also when i take her out she only will poop or pee why she won't do both while she out there. is puppy chow a good brand of puppy food for boston terrier. how long should i wait to take her out after feeding her.

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    To potty train our puppy we hung a bell tied to a string on our front door. Then every time we took her out to go potty, we would ring the bell. Once outside, if she went we gave her a treat right then. Our puppy started ringing the bell to go out within a day or two! To get her to do all of her business at once we try to give her enough time and after she pees then we tell her 'go more potty' and she usually will sniff around until she can go. As for crate training, when our puppy cried in her crate we would sing her lullabies for a minute or two and she would always calm down. I hope this helps!

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    A good way would be to stack about 10 sheets of news paper one above the other. Since the newspaper has a strong smell (for them, anyway) this will make them want to go potty almost instantly, specially if they have just eaten or drink water. Then, when she finishes, pet her if she did so on the newspaper. Take away the first sheet and leave the others in the same place. This way, the papers below will have some of her odor and mostly dogs will want to do necessities someplace that has their odor, and on the same place.

    After she has finished with 9 out of 10 sheets of paper, pick up the tenth sheet and stack below it other 9 or 10 sheets of paper. Put the one you just picked up at the very top of the stack. This way, she will always know she made her necessities there last time and will go there again. Also, this way the oapers below will have her odor too.

    With this method your puppy shouldn''t take more than 2 weeks to learn that's her "bathroom".

    Mine took less than a week, something around 3 days! But still, there are some dogs that may be slow learners or just need to see the reason of doing what you are asking them for. A petting or a treat she loves would be a good way to get her to learn faster where she has her "bathroom".

    Also, dogs usually will want to go to the bathroom about 10 minutes after eating or drinking, sometimes right away.

    Dogs have a unique way of telling us they need the potty.

    Mine, for example started sniffing the floor, looking for his own personal "bathroom" and if not, looking for something similar to it in flatness.

    One more thing, your puppy will need to go to the bathroom not just right after eating, it may need to go several times a day. What you should do is teach her to scratch the door or bark every time she needs to go outside, OR leave her the stack of newspapers inside the house, someplace she can get easily to.

    Puppy Chow is a good food for your dog, but maybe you could get something like Eukanuba or Pro Plan. This way you could avoid giving her lots of food, because the better the food, the less they will eat and the better their stomach will be.

    Oh, yes one last thing, dogs will want to go potty right or about 5 minutes after they wake up, after they eat, after or while doing excersise, and after or while playing.

    Source(s): Wild life rescuer and half time vet
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    We got our puppy trained by keeping her in her kennel when we couldn't directly supervise her(and let her out after she had become quiet so we didn't reinforce her crying/barking), ringing a bell whenver we went outside and told her to go potty/deuce when we had her outside, and we would basically wait with her outside until she did her duty. I think they say a good rule of thumb is 5 minutes after naps to pee, and half hour to hour after they eat to poop.

    As for the food aspect, I think the premium food is better and the costs associated with buying better food, breaks even because they eat less of it then the cheaper stuff. If she likes her food now then she is fine you could feed her human grade ingredients, but she isn't a human, we get the premium stuff for our puppy but she still tries to eat her own feces so there you go.

    Good luck and above all give your puppy your love.

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    Hi, I understand that you are looking for some advice or resources to help fully train your dog or fix behavior problems. If a professional dog trainer is not an option at this time, or if you want to trt training your dog on your own (a great way to bond), I'd suggest you

    A friend recommened it to me a few years ago, and I was amazed how quickly it worked, which is why I recommend it to others. The dog training academy also has as an excellent home training course.

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    Puppy chow is a crap dog food. It's the equal to feeding garbage to your pup.

    Try a food that does not contain corn, or other fillers, and one that uses HUMAN grade meats as it's protein source.

    Wellness Puppy is a good place to start.

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    How long do you take her out? Normally they do both (mine in the morning and evening after every feed) It takes a very long time..4-6mths. I heard there are better brand out there. Ask the vet.

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    First i could recommend getting a crate that she would manage to alter into and has a divider so which you would be able to adust the dimensions as she grows. She must be in her crate if she isn't eating, eating, enjoying, guidance or exterior. this implies every time you could not commit one hundred% of your interest to her and at nighttime. this could help her the right thank you to hold her bladder. next, she needs to go out after each pastime she does (slumbering, eating/eating, enjoying, guidance) and each 2 hours. this implies you would be taking her out a lot and thats ok! She must additionally on no account be in her crate extra beneficial than 2 hours different than at nighttime. for the period of the nighttime, she might awaken as quickly as to apply the showering room and this is super to take her out. verify you convey her top returned in and go returned to sleep however. in case you play together with her, she'll think of it's time to play each nighttime. undergo in techniques that canines learn ultimate with valuable reinforcement. do not scold her, it grow to be your mistake for not staring at close adequate. freshen up the mess with an enzyme purifier and do extra suitable next time. verify while she is going exterior you compliment and reward her each and every time. If she sees it makes you satisfied, she'll do it. in case you capture her going interior, startle her and take her exterior to end. compliment her for ending exterior. additionally, forget approximately her cries interior the crate, she would manage to cry yet will at last regulate. in case you tire her out in the previous mattress, she'll sleep extra suitable interior the crate

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    sometimes they don't have to do both.take her immediatly out after feeding for half a hour

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