Many of you may not understand this question but I'll try and ask anyhow?

Okay I live in Canada and in our winters we put road salt down on the roads to melt the ice and snow for better traction, and this salt gets on the tires of our vehicles. And this salt has been eating away at the pavement in our garage where we park the car, I was just wondering if anyone knew of a good sealer that we can put on to the garage floor to protect the cement from further erosion. Any help would be muchly apprechiated.

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    I live in the U.S. and we also put salt on the roads during the winter. Most concrete sealants should protect against salt erosion in your garage. You can find them at any home improvement warehouse, and it should be clearly marked on the outside of the packaging. I personally used Alco Driveway Sealant and haven't had a problem since...

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    I live in Canada as well and unfortunately salt is the most erosive thing for cars ,drive ways and garage floors. The only solution that I can think of would be the one of placing a large piece of cardboard on the garage floor and the other one would be to go to a car wash and hose your tires down often during the winter.

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    You will need to clean the whole floor first, scrub it with Muratic Acid, and then the best thing you can do it coat it with a 2-part epoxy sealer system. Most good paint stores should be able to help you with this. Don't get the junk they sell in the mega-size Hardware chains...that stuff doesn't last through the winter.

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    The newer garage floor coatings claim to be able to handle this. Check at Home Centers such as Lowes and HD.

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    they have a garage floor kit its an epoxy based paint thats made for concrete, its easy to put on and last a really long time, you just roll it on with a normal paint roller, you can get it at about any hardware store its not very expensive either, hope this helps you out

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