Don't Anti's see that Immigrant-Mexicans have no intention of duplicating Mexico here?!?!?

We ARE Mexican, but that is different from the social programming, we dont want that anymore... thats why were here.....

We want YOUR Logic and Classic American thought -not the lazy slacker mentality- we have no use for that....

but The Immigrating American Spirit

That is what has made America great from day 1

It us Young Idealistic Mexicans that will weave that into our own relentless self-improvement and work and family-based values.....that will rejuvenate America to its fromer glory

The torch will be passed....your just spiteful its to a Brown man


Christian Mexican Immigrants have a destiny that noone can derail....

Update 2:

Our personal culture and values is differnt from the law and social programming we experianced in Mexico...that the old thinking of howlaw and society works is our focus of change

...just in case i didnt really explain myself earlier

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    1 decade ago
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    All you have to do is look into where the illegals have settled,if that is the American spirit....We don't need it.

  • 1 decade ago

    Actually, I welcome the idea of more people coming into this country with the idea to work hard and "live the american dream" so to speak. The only problem I have is that we, as a country, are being both too helpful and too intolerant of immigrants.

    More and more, I see the spanish language creeping in. I was applying for jobs the other day, and i couldnt get an application in english. Police officers in my area (Northern Virginia) are now required to speak some spanish. Basically, I feel like the immigrants are refusing the melting pot that the immigrants in the 1920s created.

    Think, back in the 1890s-1930s, thousands upon thousands of immigrants came into our country. All of them brought parts of thier country with them. We now have all kinds of food and people here, and some of their cultural ways have now influenced our society.

    I would personally love to see this happen with the mexican immigrants. Already, we have more restaurants with mexican food, and I'm waiting for the "afternoon siesta" to take effect in schools and workplaces. The only difference is that some Mexican immigrants (some, not all) are coming in illegally, not working, and causing us more trouble.

    In short, if mexican immigrants want to come to our country, fine. Just do it legally, learn some english, work hard, and enjoy the american dream with the rest of us.

  • 1 decade ago

    I hope that truly is the case, but I don't think the majority act or think like you. Let's be serious - America was a country built on immigration (legal though) and Americans are in my opinion the most generous people in the world. But it is pretty hard to support a group of people who came into the country illegally - then protested our government, demanding changes , while carrying their own flags. It is also hard to think that most of these people want to become American's when they won't even make an effort to learn our language. I think it is just crazy that these people expect us to accomidate them, and not vice versa - especially when you consider what would happen if I tried that in Mexico. I personally support anyone who comes to this country - legally, in good faith with every intention of BECOMING AN AMERICAN - but I can't support anyone who expects that America has to conform to them - it makes no sense. So for you - you seem like a great American, and a great addition to our country - for unfortunitely you are not the majority

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    All the anti inmigrants, they are the sissy and lazy people of every state of this great country, the are scared tho lose their jobs, if u are an American the goverment will help you to grown up, but if you are ignorant you can't blame ur self cause the academic level really sucks, evere country in the world dominate their citizens by a poor education.

    If you Are an american star to read more history from outside of ur contry and u will see the truht.

    Good Bless u all.

    And the mexicans don't want to emigrate to us and expand to there they just want a better life.

    there is more but i will save for later.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Brown doesn't scare me it is illegal that I have the problem with. My daughter is brown and that should never prevent her from being great. We are Americans and as such we have a duty to keep the guiding principles that this country was founded on. I have a duty to try and preserve my country and if the country is bankrupt, in the middle of epidemic, or under constant attack by terrorist it is hard to preserve. If all of our people coming in are uneducated, unskilled or running from justice we can not remain a country that is able to be productive. I would like to use Mexico as an example: What do they do for the betterment of the world? The things I buy that have made in Mexico stamped on them are owned by companies of the US not Companies owned by Mexicans. Mexico produces oil and what else. Mexico is rich in resources but poor in government. It is truly the rich getting richer while the poor get out.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well I've got answer for you.

    1. Some mexicans come into this country and sometimes DO duplicate Mexico here in the U.S. But not in my area, I won't allow or tolerate that.

    2. If they want our logic then why is it that they don't speak english? Most immigrants do NOT. That's why I have to press "1" for english almost all the time!

    3. Lazy slacker mentality? Immigrants have Lazy slacker mentality, they are the ones who are not using their heads to file in their own country to come here to the U.S. and decide to sneak across the border.

    4. There are some immigrants that want to come here to get good education and use our values for their own. But then again, if you watch CNN you will know that most immigrants are just coming in here for freedom, and they take it for granted, as well as for jobs, because they think that it's our problem that they can't get a decent job in their own country.

    I know the torch will be passed, and we are not spiteful because its going to a brown man, we are not scared of you!We are all for the policy of "open doors" of people from other countries, but when you come here illegally, you are comitting a crime, and causing us decent american citizens to pay more money for you. And it is outrageous. They should have a time limit on the illegals to get out. 2-3 months to get out now, or they will be forced back across the border. That's my thought.

  • 1 decade ago

    Hey, I am from Texas (and have green card immigrants in my family) and there is a GIANT difference between those who move here for economic opportunity and those who move here for social services. If you want economic opportunity, you can NOT get it without a green card and assimilation, unless opportunity means cutting lawns and cleaning houses. LEGAL migration is the price paid for opportunity in this country. Otherwise you join a permanent underclass where others pay for your health and social services.

    By the way, my husband's last name is "de la guardia"

  • 1 decade ago

    you could have fooled me.i am an American Hispanic,and these mexicans have been over running my neighborhood for the past few years,with more than ten people to a home,playing that crappy mexican music as loud as they can,getting drunk,and making ***`s of themselves whistling at neighborhood women,and girls,leaving trash all over the street,if you like them so much take them to your neighborhood,please you want no gov assists,that's all i here about on Spanish radio in the Texas valley,they stay for the gov. money,if you have the American spirit go home and use it to change your country,not mine!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    angel, if that's the truth then why do the southwest states now seem like mexico and all I hear is mexicans saying conquer the gringo and take the land? This is not a sarcastic question i'm asking you but one that I truly want you to explain because it seems like duplicating mexico is the intention.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well I can appreciate what you are saying.. But do you include illegals in what you say 'we' want. Becuase you dont start off trying to pursue the american dream by breaking the law.

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