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How can I lose the fat?

So my stomach is somewhat fat, but I have a skinny complexion (you know, like Hank Hill, like a beer belly). I know I have abs because they show a little, but because of my fat stomach, it doesn't show. How can I lose the fat from my stomach to make my abs show?


Oh, and I actually don't need to lose weight. For my height, I need to start gaining some more weight.

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    The best way to get rid of your extra baggage is to exercise and diet. i would recommend full body workouts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. These workouts should incorporate the following exercises (leg press (since you cant squat), dead lifts, chest press, shoulder press and rows). On Tuesday and Thursday do some form of cardio (swimming, jogging, jumping rope, or go for a bike ride). For your diet you should cut out simple carbs (white breads, pasta, rice, potatoes). Start eating whole grains and plenty of protein (lean red meats, fish and chicken). Eat your vegetables and fruits, get healthy sources of fat like almonds and natural peanut butter. Be sure to also drink plenty of water and maybe some green tea.

    If you want to loose weight you need to burn more calories then you consume, it is that simple.

    Good luck!!

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    It's all about diet, diet, diet. From now on, no more sweets, and try to eliminate foods with high fructose corn syrup.

    Source(s): Nutristionist
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