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Project Help?

I am planning on entering the Young Naturilsts Award.I want to do an experiment involving the moon but I can't think of anything.Please help.

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    Optical spectrum of the moon - telescope, grating, camera or Web cam; or project a diffracted slit image through the eyepiece hole onto a white screen and time-exposure photograph that. A transmission film diffraction grating is not expensive. Reflection from a silver CD or DvD will do in a pinch. A full moon gives more intensity.

    Compare with the sunlight spectrum - NOT obtained through the telescope.

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    The moon's effect on the Earth's tides?

    The phases of the moon?

    You can google/yahoo either to find out more. Good luck.

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    Hmmm, the effect of the moon on the migratory patterns of fish, perhaps? Or the effect the moon has on algal blooms. Or on spawning behaviour.

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