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how to memorize a poem?

My dads birthday is on june 30th and he really likes and wants me to memorize the poem heather ale.. I ve memorized 4 versouse.. But his birthday is close and i want to know how I can memorize it quikly.PLease help..

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  • Fr. Al
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    Fix the metre of the poem in your head, repeat the parts you have already memorised over and over. Let the rhymes carry you further. Stand in front of a mirror and repeat the poem, adding the parts you don't have down, but moving on to those you know without reading them, soon you'll find you're able to do this with the whole poem. If you can find a tune that fits try singing it.

    Source(s): This is an actor's trick, used in memorising scripts and monologues.
  • Diana
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    1 decade ago

    I'm not an actress (aspiring or otherwise) or anything like that, but this works for me:

    Take 4 lines at a time.

    1. Read line 1 four times; read line 2 four times, etc.

    2. Read lines 1-4 four times.

    3. Now, do the same, but read once, then say it from memory 4 times (first line by line, then all 4 lines at once).

    Good luck!

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    Happy birthday to dad!

    Do you mean this poem?

    Note down the words that are hard to memorize and repeat them several times.

    The poem is musical, try reading the lines by tapping a spoon on the table to the rhythm

    Repeat this over and over.

    Be confident that you can do it.

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