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i know a lot of people dont like it but i do like it just as another form of question about this is about the username/url....what is the purpose of this and when it prompts you for real name info does any of that real info appear anywhere?.....thus far i am totally anonymous on the site and would like to remain that way....thanks

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    It's an easy link to your page,otherwise it's harder to actually get to your page.

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    "Real Name" is a place to put your actual first & last names so that if people are searching for you on MySpace, they can find you. The Display Name is the only name that will appear on your actual profile page. The URL is just something handy you can give to people so they can view your profile. Your username will be a part of that URL.

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    I believe your real name is just used so that people can find you. You don't have to put your last name on there, it just makes it easier for others to find you. I have been on myspace for a while now and I haven't noticed my name begin posted anywhere that other people can see it. Also....if your security settings are set to where only people you know can request you as a friend, they have to put in your last name to verify that they know you. The username/url is for you to give to friends. they can put it in the address box and go straight to your profile instead of having to search for you.

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    the url just specifies that that is your specific page and no one elses. If you put in your name...i believe people can search you on myspace. However, if you set to private noone can see your information without your consent. i got rid of my myspace for security reasons though. Mine was hacked twice and i was under private. It is a nice form of entertainment but it is also not the safest. I personally like facebook because it is alot safer and unable to be hacked...or so everyone believes

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