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Struggling catcher??

Does anyone have any suggestions for me at all?I cant get the ball back to the pitcher....I remind myself of rube on that movie Major League 2. If anyone has any suggestions just let me know. I can throw down to second easily I just cant get it to the pitcher without bouncing it or throwing it over his head.My arm doesnt hurt and I just am open to any and all suggestions that anyone can give me!!PLEASE HELP!!?!?!??!

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    Just relax and concentrate. Don't try too hard. Pretend you're playing catch with a friend. Take time to make a good throw.

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    I would suggest to stand up when you throw the ball back to pitcher and when you are about to do it focus on the target and then throw. But if this fails and you are still having trouble then do what the guy did in the movie and think about something else to take your mind off of throwing the ball.

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    Practice with a pitcher on the mound. Shut your eyes and visualize the pitcher. Throw the ball with your eyes shut. I know it sounds like you're "using the force," but you're thinking too much. Get the muscle memory going and once that's in place you can try it with your eyes open.

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    Don't listen to that Byron guy. that is horrible advice. never alter your throwing motion like that unless there is a fundamental flaw with how you throw. have a coach watch you or even better, find a baseball academy nearby and head over there. have them watch you. if there isn't a flaw with how you throw then it is all in your head. if you can throw to 2nd with no problem then you should be fine. you will get through it. most players go through this sort of thing at some point in there career. i was in my 3rd year of college ball and ran into a problem like that. i played center field and i would rather try throwing a guy out at 3rd then just lobbing it into 2nd base. i got through it and so will you.

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    I had the same problem, as long as I threw it hard it was accurate but to lob it back to the pitcher is another thing. I would have to lob it , or flip it just moving my elbow and wrist. But be careful with runners on base you need to stand up and take a couple of steps towards the pitcher. Ihope this helps, its almost like your too strong to lob it back easy. Like this, point your elbow towards the pitcher and flip your forearm, wrist and hand like a catapult without moving your shoulder. ITS NOT MENTAL NO MATTER WHAT THE OTHERS SAY.

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    Just clear your head. It is all mental. You can throw to second- you know you can get it to the pitcher. You are just screwing your own head up. Just catch it and fire it back. Also- practice never hurt anyone!

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    Work on aiming at home with your catchers gear on. If you can't get it back don't think to much about anything, its just you and the pitcher nobody else.

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    Your thinking to much. Chuck Knoblauch...ever heard of him? He had the same problem he couldnt throw the ball to first from second. Just dont think about it and do it. In baseball when you think to much is when you mess up. Forget about the past and just react to the situation without thinking about it.

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    easy solution point your glove towards where your throwing this makes you put your eyes where you want to throw

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    when i 1st started catching i had that problem advice is to take ur time if no1 is running

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