30 year old virgin not for religious issues?

Im 30 and I have never had sex.. I grew up in a very conservative family.. sexuality is a bad topic .. also Im very shy with guys.. didnt have a proper life, didnt go out too much.. and the guys I like are always not available... Is that normal?

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    It sounds like your families insecurities are causing you heartache. I believe it is admirable that you have lasted this long. There are several things you possess that most people don't innocence, no previous relationship damage, and a very appealing circumstance for the right guy. Your going to have to experience some new stuff before you find what you want. I'm guessing, but I feel you're still living with your family. If so consider a change of address. The new independence would give you some strength that any good man would want to see. I know several thirty or older virgins that are engulfed in their careers and they don't even recognize when some one is making a pass. You may have men that are interested in you, but you just don't know it. Some people aren't born with a sixth sense for sensing a mates possible attraction. And to answer your question of are you normal. NOBODY is normal! One thing to keep in mind when you do get out where single guys are they are just as confused as you are, but they have had success in some way or another with the opposite sex. One piece of advice from someone who started with the sex thing way to early. Enjoy your first kiss and make sure it's love not just some kind of get it out of the way kind of relationship. Good Luck!

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    You said that the guys you like are always not available. You may be looking for the same guy all the time, perhaps unconciously avoiding a sexual situation - as per your conservative upbringing.

    Talk to a counsellor about this - they can help sort through some of the mixed messages you got growing up.

    (It doesn't mean you aren't normal - lots of people have trouble with relationships for all kinds of reasons)

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    I find it hard to believe and I'd have to say no, it's not the norm for most girls.

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    Whats normal? if its normal to you that who cares.

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    well idk...not really. just get out there and mingle i guess

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