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Why is it that…?

Why is it that…?

Why is it that whenever the issue of “immigration” springs up, (regardless the forum) – It always turns back to the Mexican people that are invading the United States “ILLIAELLY”?

Why is it that, regardless the fact other people want to migrate and assimilate to the United States, only the Mexican’s find it hard to “do it right”?

Why is it we never find a tunnel leading across our border from a “Canadian Government Owned” building?

Why is it - anyone would want to move out of one country to another and THEN attempt to make “that country” like the one they ran away from?

Why is it?


I did mean : "ILLEGALLY"

Darn fingers!

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    It's certainly opaque to me. I don't think they had all the help they're getting here but their lifestyle is the only one they know and they aren't about to change. Next I'll hear that we are racially profiling the illegals! If you don't know what civilized means, how can you be it if you're not willing to learn?

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    Well, it's probably because the Mexican people are highly visible just now. In past generations, it was other ethnic groups, such as the Irish and the Vietnamese, to name a couple off the top of my head.

    I don't think Canadians would need to dig a tunnel, so they probably haven't done so, which is why we haven't found any.

    It's not only Mexican people who find it hard "to do it right" ( to quote you). You must understand the depths of poverty some people must deal with in their daily lives. Imagine living in a house made of cardboard that your children scavenged while you were begging for food, or other wise trying to feed your family. It would be very, very difficult to know the customs of a wealthy society when you come from total poverty, and that ignorance is noticeable.

    Without education, such people are trapped in that lifestyle, and tend to band together for strength and support.In Alabama, it is not unusual to find up to 20 people sleeping in the same room on the floor because that is what they are used to. Chickens and rabbits are raised in apartment closets, and corn is grown in the front yard, next to hand-washed laundry draped on bushes.Without education, many cannot speak or read English, and are terrified of being caught, but desperate enough to do almost anything to survive.

    It would seem to me that once they have made it to America, they have a desire to change certain circumstances to better reflect what they are used to, and have lived all their lives, but because learning a new language is difficult, their efforts to feel "at home" are resented mostly because they speak a different language.

    We all want to remain comfortable, living our lives by habit rather than having to think about every action or every word. Remember the flap several years ago when there was talk of switching to a metric system so our weights and measures would be the same as in Europe?

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    IGNORANT People seem to think that every illegal immigrant "has to be from Mexico" ---- they believe that every other country respects immigration laws >>>>> BULL ISH! What about all the Chinese/Japanese/Vietnamese people that come over on the boats? The Salvadorians, Brazilians, Canadians, British, french, Italian, African ......etc......THEY MUST ALL BE LEGAL RIGHT? NOT----!


    I didn't know there was a "RIGHT" way to assimilate to the American culture...... for all I know the "American culture" has a mix of "other" cultures which go way back when the US was first colonized.


    We DO FIND tunnels coming from Canada to the US .... it's just that you never hear about it....... the media only covers the tunnels from Mexico because the US wants to keep blaming all it's problems on illegals.


    They don't attempt to shape their new country into their old one ..... just because they don't forget their culture does not mean they try to make the country like their old.


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    Excuse my French.... but Illegal Invaders from South of the Border bred like rabbits.

    To Mary Ellen G........Strike up the Violins for the Illegal Mexican Invaders. Mexico's poverty is MEXICO'S problem.

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    I agree all Mexicans are ignorant and try to get over! The truth is the truth! Dont bend it Liberals the truth is straight and not malleable! Adios!

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    Because they are causing our country the most problems and costing us the most money. And also you say assimilate and most of the hispaanics don' t want to assimilate, theu instaed want us to conform to Them.

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    Why ask here the people who can help you the most aren't on the web today. I get your point though and it is an issue I will stay involved in until it is fixed or I am dead.

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    Because this country is too politically correct and the illegal supporters will call anyone racist who speaks out against illegal immiration.

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    You are right. I know Swedes, Brits, and an Iranian here who overstayed for 15+ years each. It makes me angry that it was so easy and their kids have all benefitted thanks to our tax dollars.

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