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birthcontrol, condoms, STILL pregnant?

okay, i've been on birth control for two months, my boyfriend and i use condoms EVERY time.

my period is two days late, i'm confused because i never missed any pills, condoms never broke ect.

i'm afraid i could still be pregnant...

i'm only fifteen so this could be CRUSHING to my family and friends...

if my period still hasn't come in the next three days, i'm going to get a pregnancy test...

but i'm also worried that because i'm on the pill, the hormones might mess up the results...

any advice?


i have never missed a pill & have always taken them on time.

my cycle was all over the calendar before i started taking the pill, so i don't exactly have a history of being regular anyway....

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    The chances of you being pregnant are slim.

    Have you been stressed?

    Your homones will NOT mess up the results. Wait another week, and don't be afraid to start the next pack. Contrary to popular belief, birth control hormones do NOT hurt a fetus.

    I'm thinking that your hormone levels are just trying to adjust to the birth control. That's it.

    Source(s): Good job taking care of your sexual health though! Birth controls and condoms for a 15 year old is AMAZING! Thumbs-up for taking responsibility!
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    It is scary to think you are 15 and having sex. Sex comes with some major issues - are you now thinking that it is a responsible choice? Besides that, I am glad you choose to use two forms of BC. First, have you been taking your pill every day at the same time without fail? Second, the pill and the condom are not 100% effective. Take a test, and no the pill will not skew the results. Your period does have to be late though.

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    The pill won't mess up your results and also I would not get worried just yet. When you recently start the pill a lot of crazy things can happen to your body including missin a period. I was on the pill for 10 years and got to the point where I only had my period for 2 and 1/2 was great!

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    Very unlikely that you are pregnant. However, anytime you have sex you CAN get pregnant... Even with protection (I got pregnant on the depo shot which makes most women infertile)! You are probably just stressed out. You can take a test at this point, it should be accurate. The pill won't affect the test at all. I'm glad to hear you are being responsible!

    My advice: Try to relax, the more you stress the later your period will be. Take a test, this will ease your mind. Keep using protection but consider that it may not work! If you are not ready for the consequences re-think about what you are doing and if you are ready to do it!

    Very Best Wishes!

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    if you've only been on the pill for 2 months, chances are that it's still playing games with your cycle. give it a few days and dont worry, 2 days late is really not that much. Hormonal birth control can lighten and even stop your period, so I doubt that you are pregnant.

    But it is always a good idea to test if you are unsure.

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    Go buy a HPT asap. Your birth control won't mess up the test results. If the HPT is positive you have to tell your parents. You need prenatal care. If you are not pregnant I hope you have learned a very valuable lesson -- NOTHING IS 100% EFFECTIVE -- except celibacy. There are lots of other things besides pregnancy that can make your periods late...change in exercise, eating habits, stress over possibly being pregnant will actually make your period more delayed. Good luck

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    First if your only 15 then you shouldn't be having sex in the first place. But if you want to play adult games then you have to face to consiquences. birth control is about 80 % effective, if you smoke or drink alot of caffiene then that percent goes down even more. Condoms are not 100% either.. there could have been a pin hole or something you missed. And since you just started taking the pill it could just be trying to get your period on a regular schedule. And no the pill will not mess up the pregnancy hormone to get a pos. or neg. answer.

    Source(s): 19 and married to a USN submariner Pregnant first baby 31 weeks.. Wait till your older to play adult games.
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    The pill will not mess up the results of your pregnancy test. Definitely get a test and find out for sure.

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    ok, first off, I doubt you are pregnant. It sometimes takes a little bit to get yor body used to the pill. Also, birth control will not effect the results of a pregnancy test!

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    well sweetie being that your only fifteen and having sex is really scary i was once in your shoes and then i ended up pregnant and scared but being pregnant at a young age not good because all your dreams you have accomplished is all gone and now its not just you getting dressed in the morning time or eating by yourself now it you and you baby and that can be real hard but if your boyfriend can respect your wishes and stop having sex then everything will be fine but go get pregnancy test justto make sure....

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