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Why do adults think soo critically of teens?I was just at another question about why somebody would say they smoked pot here on Y!Answers,and somebody left an answer that said something about its the thing teens think is cool to doMany of us don't smoke anything.You never hear of an adult saying anything positive about us.All I ever hear is things like teens are all on dope or teens are lazy and good for nothing.You guys were teens once,and I'm sure some of you were lazy and dopers judging by how you all turned out.It makes me mad when I hear an adult stereotyping teens.Why do you do it?SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY!


Ok rain,let me restate this:Why do MOST adults stereotype us?I know not all adults think we are bad,but it seems that most of them do.Yeah, I know there are teens out there like that,but not all of us are bad.I just want to know why any adult would think soo critically of ALL of us.Seriously, if we[teens] were all bad,you guys would not be worried about terrorists,celebrities,or illegal aliens.USA would be a madhouse!

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    Your right parents and adults do that. I think that we just get carried away about worrying over our kids. I know that my dad never wanted to me turn out like he did, and he did everything he could to stop it but in the end, decided that I had to make my own choices and well they turned out for the best. Us adults just kinda forget that we were that age once and what we did. Don't worry it will get better, but I think you had a good question and it will help people to think about what they say, but in the end don't take to much of it to heart, if you know your not those things that is all that matters.

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    Well, let's see. There are just so many reasons. But it comes down to attitude.

    You think you know everything. You don't.

    You think you can handle anything. You can't.

    You have no idea what hard work is.

    You think cell phone is a necessity.

    You believe that $80 jeans are a reasonable purcahse for someone who doesn't have a job and has never had a grade in high school higher than a C.

    You think that an allowance of $40 a week is poverty level.

    You have no regard for other people on the planet. (see car stereos)

    You both define "cool" yet have no idea what cool really is.

    You don't listen. We are no longer aloud to beat sense into you.

    You have no idea what the words responsibility, accountability or sensibility mean.

    You are totally self centered for all the wrong reason.

    You are repeating the mistakes we already made, so you could avoid a lot of pain if you would just listen for a minute.

    We don't know how to communicate with you. Because you don't want to communicate with us.

    You are fruastrating to no end. All you want from your family is a place to live and cash. But you don't give anyting back.

    Now, is this true for all teens? YES.

    No, it's not. But enough is true about enoguh teens that so that any adult can find a reason to hate a teen.

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    You wrote "You never hear of an adult saying anything positive about us."

    This is an pretty broad assumption, but I know not to take it literally. The same way, you should realize that although adults can be disparaging towards teenagers, this does not mean all adults stereotype teens.

    When I was a teenager, I felt very similar to the way you do. But I also realized that for every good teen out there, there were also bad ones. Unfortunately, the bad ones seemed to get the most attention. Just know that not every adult thinks teenagers are lazy or potheads.

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