Im so terribly broody!!! why? will this feeling pass?

Im not really ready to have a baby, purely because i just started my career and my boyfriend and i are only just starting to live together in my mothers house (who has left the country). its all i ever think about!! will this feeling go???


im just broody, not pregnant. i just really want to have a baby and have that responsibility. im on birth control but i just cant stop thinking about having a baby!

Update 2:

i thort i was pregnant and today when i started my period i was really upset, im not sure why? im not married yet but in a loving relationship.

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    Some things to ask yourself because becoming pregnant are: Can you provide for you baby? Can you love him/her unconditionally? Are you willing to make sacrifices in your life to help your baby? Having a child is a very stressful thing, be sure to talk to your partner about it, if he is to be involved with any decisions, this would be a good one to include in that. It took me a few months to conceive and we still talk about how our family will work out toward. Be sure to talk about parenting decisions such as circumcision, daycare, names, etc.

    I've been there with that feeling, it just takes getting used to the idea of another person depending on you, maybe get counseling or just talk to someone (i.e. partner) about how you feel... that would always help you out in the long run to have a trusting relationship. Good luck

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    you don't say how far along you are but there are a few reasons for your feelings just read your questions and most of your answers will be there, you are under a lot of pressure and that is not good for you or the baby try and relax and tell your self every thing will work out (it usually does) but these feelings will disappear when you hold your sweet baby for the first time, believe me I have 3 and there is not thing in this world like a baby!!!! you will be fine.

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    If you are not ready to have a baby, then don't. There are methods to prevent it. As you mature, you may find the need for a child, but not all people do. There are no laws that you have to have kids. For some, career and a spouce is enough.

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