vegan sandwiches?

ok, so Im doing pretty good at this vegan thing, a month now & counting...but gosh darn it the one thing I keep wanting is a tuna sandwich! I tried tofu w/ some vegenaise...Blech!!! and now I still want my stinkin tuna sandwich! So...question being...what the heck can I eat that will mimic one without compromising the whole vegan thing?

Also, if you happen to have any other sandwich ideas? gardenburgers & pbj are gettin kinda old.(note: this is a call for sandwiches...I already know all about & love wraps)

Thanks so much. (=


also, Im transferring to university next fall, so if you might have any ideas on some things that are vegan, healthy(ok well healthy most of the time goes right along with vegan, but hey...ya never know, that cap n crunch suggestion would be still possible w/out the addition here, lol) easy to store/port/cook if need be(NOT microwave),and actually taste good? I need "dorm food" =D

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    50 Sandwich Ideas For World Vegan Day:

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    Have you tried baked tofu. They make it in different flavors so you might find one you like. It won't taste like tuna, but it would maybe have the same texture. Otherwise you could experiement with tempah or seitan or TVP. I like tofu for stir fry but when it comes to a sandwich, I need something chewier. You should check out the recipes at for some ideas.

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    I like lettuce, tomato and avocado sandwiches on toast with nayonaise myself. Not sure what would taste like tuna though.

    As for dorm food, there are lots of options. I like these things called Thai Kitchen Thai Noodle Cart. They are microwabale, come with their own container and even a fork. Thai kitchen also makes noodle bowls and other yummy things that are vegan. You can get them at wal mart or any grocery store. You can get Silk in aseptic, shelf stable individual drink boxes. ZenSoy pudding cups are pretty good too. You can also make noodles in the microwave with some tomato sauce and soymage parmesan topping. I used to get these things that were like easy mac, but it was rotini and tomato sauce instead but I haven't seen them in years. Just go to whole foods or wild oats and check out the convenience foods section.

    What college are you going too? Some are very vegan friendly (like mine) and some have really poor dining services with nothing but fried meat sandwiches (my half-sister goes to one of these and she's gained 15 lbs).

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    I haven't found anything that resembles tuna, but for sandwiches, I don't really have alot other than a Boca Burger.

    Tofu is kind of icky if you haven't tried it alot, and aren't comfortable with it.

    I don't know chickie!

    Just start varying things. You can't always stick with sandwiches!

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    Grilled Eggplant w/ melted vegan cheese, vegan mayo with crushed garlic added, and grilled peppers on toasted sourdough - YUM!

    Grilled portabella mushroom burger w/ sundried tomato pesto - double YUM!

    Vegan sausage sandwich w/ marinara and melted vegan mozzarella on a toasted roll - tripple YUM!

    Get creative, lots of things taste great without having to include meat or dairy.

    You can find dairy free rolls and breads at Lazy Acres or most Trader Joe's. :)

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    i can't help with the tuna thing but as far as sandwiches go:

    eggplant sandwiches are great! so are portabello sandwiches (which you can get nearly anywhere). my best friend likes to pan fry a slab of tofu with black bean sauce and sesame seeds on one side and serve it (crunchy side up) on wheat crackers topped with alfalfa and sun dried tomato's.

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    I like tofu and my burgers with ketchup and did I mention about 5 lbs. of meat? Stacked 2 in high.

    You can also put some fake meat that tastes like real meat, but isn't actually meat, because it's fake meat, that isn't real meat.

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    You could try Dixie Diner's Tuna (Not!)

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